We are currently taking bookings for the COVID-19 Moderna and Pfizer booster vaccine at Shoal Bay Pharmacy. Bookings can be made HERE.

Similar to other respiratory viruses such as the flu, it is likely an increase in COVID-19 cases will be seen over winter. 

As it currently stands, you are eligible for your 1st booster (i.e. 3rd dose) if you have had your second dose at least 3 months prior. 

You are eligible for a 2nd booster (i.e. 4th dose/Winter Dose) if:

  • You have had your 1st booster dose at least 4 months prior and you live in shared disability residential accommodation 

  • You are 65 years of age or older

  • You are severely immunocompromised

  • You are Indigenous and 50 years of age or older


If someone does not meet this criteria then they are not eligible for the 2nd booster dose. Please also be aware that we are not vaccinating children under 12 years of age. Please also check with a pharmacist first if the child is aged 12-17. 

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