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A MedsCheck is a FREE service that involves an in-pharmacy review of the medicines you are taking and education to assist with managing your medications.


A MedsCheck is a great way to better understand your medications and address any concerns or questions you may have including:

  • What each medication is used for

  • How medications should be stored

  • How they can affect other medical conditions

  • Potential side effects


A MedsCheck at Shoal Bay Pharmacy is available to anyone taking multiple medications, including both non-prescriptions and prescription medicines.

Following a MedsCheck, you may be eligible for a Home Medication Review (HMR). A Home Medication Review is a more detailed assessment of the medications you are taking, where one of our pharmacists will come to your house. Our pharmacist can also show you how to look after medical devices such as inhalers, glucose monitors and blood pressure monitors. A HMR requires a referral from your GP - our pharmacist will then send a report back to your GP, to help create a medication development plan.

Contact Shoal Bay Pharmacy to enquire about a MedsChecks and Home Medication Reviews Today!

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